Map2u Sdn Bhd

Starting a business — growing and keeping it competitive by gradually expanding its product and service offerings is no easy task. The fact is, success is hard to come by if you are afraid to take on challenges. Chief Executive Officer of Map2u Sdn Bhd (Map2u), Dato' Azhar Ismail shares his experience.

Can you share the background of the business?
Map2u was established in 2012 as a company that provided tour bus services. However, the business was short-lived when the only bus we had got stolen.

Following this, I realised that maybe I should look for another business opportunity. I then started meeting with friends who have business and technology-related backgrounds. In 2014, Map2u had come to partner with a company that had a proven financial track record. This partnership had opened the door to new business opportunities for us, especially from the government sector.

“We also make sure that our customers are equipped with the necessary know-how as an added-value offered by the company”

Today, Map2u is an organisation that provides various services related to the Geographic Information System (GIS) and software development. We believe that we are able to drive related industries in Malaysia and change the growing needs of consumers through geospatial development.

Moving forward, Map2u will continue to focus on technology by pooling our expertise and experience to spur innovation and realise our vision in creating added-value benefits for customers, industries and society.

   Map2u provides ongoing training and courses for employees to increase their added value and skills

   Bonding activities with the team members

As a technology-driven company, how does Map2u ensure that its employees embrace technology and equip themselves with current technological knowledge?
In Map2u, we adopt a “high-performance” culture. So, I always encourage my team members to continue learning by giving them access to special programmes or relevant courses, to help them grow into skilled technologists in the industry.

Apart from this, we also practice an open concept that gives each team members the freedom to explore potential business opportunities on their own. At the end of the day, we would share the gains through bonuses and others.

What are some of Map2u’s strengths and competitive edge?
Apart from promoting the latest technology to our customers, we also make sure that our customers are equipped with the necessary know-how as an added-value offered by the company.

As a genuine industry player, we always strive to leave a positive impact on our customers. This, in turn, makes it more convenient for us to introduce our latest products and services including system upgrades to our existing customers from time to time.

Can you share Map2u future plans?
We aim to provide professional advisory services globally by offering our expertise to countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates.

We are also planning to list Map2u on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia. For that, we need to focus on consumer-based technology products.

So, we have created a special team (a solution design team) that is responsible for conducting the necessary research for future product or service development. The team has prepared a proposal paper on the potential types of services that could be offered by the company.

Based on the findings, we plan to develop a smart inspection solution for the use of Local Authorities (PBT). In addition, we also intend to provide technology-related services for the healthcare industry.

What is your advice to new entrepreneurs?
As an entrepreneur, you must always strive to provide the best service to customers. Always work sincerely, and strive to achieve set objectives. Most importantly, always share rizq (gains) through charity. I always believe that the more alms you give, the more your rizq will multiply.

   Map2u aim to provide professional advisory services globally