Top Fruits Sdn Bhd

Tell us how you started?
My father was a durian lover and planted durians in the orchard. We started as a small business in 1986. My brothers who graduated in the medical profession had a chance to meet with the government to apply for a license to export frozen durians to China. We became the first Malaysian company to get a manufacturing and export license by the China State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. I was a tax consultant in a big accounting firm when my father asked me to join the family business.

What makes your product unique?
We export many types of high-grade durians such as Musang King, D197, and D24, as well as products such as durian seedpulp and jackfruit, fresh and frozen. Our durians are natural and contain no preservatives, and we have our own orchards, factory and QA lab to ensure the quality and standards of our products.

How do you promote?
We are mainly a B2B company and so we participate in a lot of trade fairs such as China, Dubai, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong. We also use Ali Baba as an e-commerce platform in order to reach out to a wider market.

We also invest in hiring the right talent in digital marketing to push our promotional efforts.

How do you retain your customers?
We pay attention to the quality of our products. We engage with our customers for improvement opportunities and also allow them to visit our factory and orchards to understand how we operate.

“We focus on good quality, safety and taste consistency of our products”
   Blast frozen treatment process are used to preserve the taste, flavor and aroma of the King of Fruits

Apart from external testing, we have our own internal laboratory to test for food safety and hygiene. We do our best to gain our customers’ confidence and trust, and to secure long-term business deals.

What’s next for Top Fruits?
We plan to penetrate more markets such as Korea, Japan and Europe. We would like to expand in Thailand too, with our frozen ripe durians that have a longer shelf life of up to 18 months.