Al-Hirah Holdings

Tell us how you started?
Al-Hirah is a family business since 1999, so it has been more than 20 years. We first started with packaging and trading of palm oil, then in 2010 we began manufacturing and processing edible oil products such as palm oil. We also produce agro-products such as grains, rice, pulses, spices, and flour which we import from Europe. We have a factory in Port Klang and plan to expand and own a smart factory in the near future.

What makes your product unique?
We focus on good quality palm oil products, our palm oil is clear and does not get cloudy easily. We are an OEM supplier as well as have our own brand that is Twin Chef and Al-Hirah. We export to over 40 countries in continents such as Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia. We are also the sole supplier for Hafeez ‘Minyak Masak’, which is a high quality Muslim product.

How do you promote?
We maintain strong connection and relationship with our retail customers like Maahad Tahfiz throughout the country, Malakat Mall in Cyberjaya and several mini market in Klang Valley. On top of that, we also promote via social media and through Muslim or Halal Products groups or associations.

What were some of your challenges?
We do face difficulties when it comes to exporting overseas, we need to be aware of the standards, quality, demands, competition and price sensitivity. Hence, we place a lot of emphasis on product R&D and knowledge to be able to improve and expand our business.

“To compete globally, quality, pricing and product knowledge is key”
   Al-Hirah strives to deliver high standards and trust to their customers

What has been your experience during COVID-19?
Our production still continued as our products are essential items, and our supplies were mainly from local refineries. Nevertheless, there were problems relating to the logistics and deliveries as there were travel restrictions. We are thankful that our clients recognise us for our high quality products and strong relationship, and the orders still kept coming in, even during these tough times.