10MP Working Capital Guarantee Scheme (10MP WCGS)
  • Name of Scheme
    10MP Working Capital Guarantee Scheme ("10MP WCGS")
  • Scheme Limit
    RM3.0 Billion only, including RM1.5 Billion reserved for Bumiputera companies.
  • Objective
    To assist viable companies to gain access to financing from Financial Institutions and in turn, spur economic growth under the 10th Malaysian Plan (10MP)
  • Eligibility
    For small and medium enterprise companies from all sectors and incorporated under the Companies Act 1965 with at least 51% of its shares are held by Malaysian and shareholder's fund below RM20.0 Million.
  • Financing Limit
    Minimum: RM50,000.00 only; and
    Maximum: Aggregate financing of RM5.0 Million only per company
  • Purpose of Financing
    For working capital and capital expenses (CAPEX) related to business and not for refinancing of existing facility by the same or other Financial Institutions.
    The participating Financial Institutions and SJPP will be responsible for determining the genuineness of the Customer(s)/ Borrower(s) based on their credit evaluation policies and procedures.
  • Interest Rates/ Profit Rate/ Commission/ Fees
    To be determined by the participating Financial Institutions
  • Source of Funds
    From the participating Financial Institutions
  • Guarantee Coverage
    70% by the Government of Malaysia on Financing Facility from RM50,000 to less than RM2.0 Million granted by the participating Financial Institutions.
    50% by the Government of Malaysia on Financing Facility from RM2.0 Million to RM5.0 Million granted by the Financial Institutions.
  • Guarantee Fee
    0.75% per annum payable upfront
  • Tenure of Financing Facility/ Guarantee Tenure
    Up to 5 years or until 31st December 2015, whichever is earlier
    For Bumiputera companies, up to 5 years or until 31st December 2018, whichever is earlier
  • Availability/ Application Period
    The allocation for both Bumiputera and Non Bumiputera companies were fully utilized and closed
  • Participating Financial Institutions
    Open to all local and foreign financial institutions including development financial institutions under the purview of Bank Negara Malaysia