Eligibility for BTHPRS


Requirements for BTHPRS

  • Companies*, sole proprietorship**, partnership** or limited liability partnerships** which are at least 51% owned and ultimately controlled by Malaysian citizens and involved in the operation of Charter, Tour, Interstate, Express, Stage, School buses, Factory buses, and taxis;
  • The road tax for the bus or taxi must have been renewed with an expiry date on or after 30 September 2019, or the bus or taxi has been inspected by Puspakom Sdn Bhd with a certificate of inspection that is valid on or after 30 September 2019;
  • The age of the vehicle must not exceed 12 years for buses and 9 years for taxis at the time of application. 
  • The existing financing facility to be restructured must not be in arrears for more than 3 months prior to 30 September 2019; and
  • Where the Hirer has any other loan and/or financing facilities which is guaranteed under the BTHPRS or any other SJPP guarantee schemes for small medium enterprise (“SME”) managed by SJPP, there must not have been any claim made under any such guarantee.

Other terms and conditions may apply
*Incorporated under Companies Act 2016
**Registered under Registration of Business Act 1956