DSA Dynamics (M) Sdn Bhd

To successfully manage any company, short-term and long-term planning are vital in ensuring that the company remains focused and on track to achieve its vision. DSA Dynamics (M) Sdn Bhd Director of Operations, Mr. Shahril Najmiddin Muda shares his thoughts and tips on how to best manage a company.

Can you share the background of the business?

DSA Dynamics (M) Sdn Bhd (DSA Dynamics) started operations in 2003 as a small-scale plastics manufacturer. Our factory is located in Marang, Terengganu and has several blow and injection moulding machines. The business started as a manufacturer and supplier of plastic bottle products used to fill medical product liquid for a pharmaceutical company.

Since then, we have grown and in 2014, we bought a factory in Klang, Selangor. In 2020, we discovered a new market, which is the supply of detergent bottles.

Currently, we have 70 staff in Marang and Klang. We hire local workers for the operation of the factory in Marang. In Klang, we hire foreign workers as factory operators.

What are the challenges of managing factories in Marang and Klang?

The main thing to pay attention to is to ensure that our products meet the level of quality and standards set by the industry. For example, the pharmaceutical industry sets strict standards to ensure that their medical products are in good condition when filled into our plastic bottles.

In addition, we face challenges in terms of human resource management. It is very important to ensure that the operation of the factory is not affected at all.

We also ensure that company is kept abreast of current technological developments. For example, we need sophisticated manufacturing machines capable of operating at higher productivity.

Can you tell us about the recognition, acknowledgements and awards received by DSA Dynamics?

DSA Dynamics has received several recognition, acknowledgement and awards. Among them is the Best Vendor award from UMW Corporation Sdn Bhd (UMW) which we received in 2018.

   The Management Team and Staff

We actively participated in programs organised by UMW, including training, 5S and lean management programs. We also won the Terengganu Entrepreneur Award in 2011 and several awards and recognitions from local universities.

In my view, to ensure that the company remain relevant in the industry, we need to actively attend courses organised by local and international agencies. Then, implement the knowledge gained to our company. This knowledge allows us to improve the work processes and improve the quality of our products.

Can you share three tips for managing a company well?

First, people management. We always instil in our employees an understanding that the performance and achievements of the company are a shared responsibility. For example, when the Movement Control Order 1.0 was implemented in March 2020, the company had to reduce the capacity of workers in the factory and this has resulted in lower productivity during the slow period.

As a result, we had to cut staff salaries. However, when the company makes profit, we share that profit with the employees, it is one of the forms of our appreciation to them. This year, we also set targets for them, and if those targets are met, of course a bonus will be given.

Second, apply the principles of Kaizen. Kaizen is a Sino-Japanese word that means Continuous Improvement. In a nutshell, Kaizen is a daily work culture that focuses on continuous improvement in a process or way of working in each division and it involves the efforts of all DSA Dynamics staff.

An important target is to get rid of waste and thus improve quality and productivity. The implementation of this principle has yielded several results, namely, increased productivity, increased product and service quality, better workplace safety, orders from DSA Dynamics customers can be completed on time, our customers are satisfied, and work becomes easier.

My third tip is specifically for companies in the manufacturing industry. There must be a long-term transformation strategy plan.

   Detergent Bottles

A part of the strategy is to invest in technology, because we believe if we are reluctant to invest, we will be left far behind the other industry players.

Can you share DSA Dynamics future plans?

We plan to increase the productivity of our products. We also plan to seize opportunities in the larger market. Going forward, we will invest in new technologies and full automation. With that, the production cycle will be faster and operating costs will be lower.

If this can be achieved, we will be more competitive in the market and in turn, be able to offer lower prices to our customers.

Advice for those who want to start a business?

If you want to start a business right now (during this Covid-19 pandemic), try a business that doesn’t have high operating costs. For example, selling products from your home and subsequently promoting those products on digital platforms including social media and e-commerce such as Shopee and Lazada. In Malaysia, the delivery service is very extensive and convenient. So, optimise the opportunities available and use this chain for your business.

   Mr. Shahril with DSA Dynamics staff at Marang’s factory