Sprint Logistics (M) Sdn Bhd

Tell us how you started?
My first job was in the construction industry but unfortunately due to the 1997 financial crisis, my company had to close down due to financial issues from my customers. Then I joined a logistic company to obtain the knowledge and experience as well as to build my networking group before I started Sprint Logistics in 2005. We have expanded since then from 2 to currently 25 employees and several outsourced workers with an annual revenue of about RM35 million.

“Set new opportunities by working together with competitor to meet the client`s needs”

What is the strength of your company?
In this business, I view opportunities to secure a new client by also working together or complementing the client`s existing vendors. It is not about killing the competition, but rather finding ways to not depend on just 1 key client and diversifying our customer base. I am glad to have a strong and loyal team working with me. Teamwork is vital for an organisation and we are moving forward together to achieve our goals and direction to where we are now and in the future.

Not only that, I also take the time to look at the welfare of my employees, help them solve their problems so that they are able to focus on their job and enjoy the rewards of their hard work. Transparency, training as well as incentives for the employees are important as well for self development and high efficiency.

What has been your experience during the COVID-19 pandemic?
It’s a relief that during the first MCO in March 2020, logistic companies are allowed to operate as normal.

Furthermore, the PRIHATIN assistance package which was announced by Prime Minister during the first MCO has been helpful and encouraging to protect the welfare of the people and to support the business owners.

What would be your advice to new entrepreneurs out there?
Profit and cash flow are critical to sustain a business. Entrepreneurs or business owners should assist and protect each other in order to maintain a healthy profit margin for the benefit of everyone. Without a reasonable profit margin, it is hard to maintain business and eventually you might be out of the market as well.

   Mr Kendric, winner of Golden Bull Award with his team in 2018

What are your future plans for your business?
I am planning to buy more warehouses for my business expansion and one of them is a 50,000 square feet warehouse in Jenjarom. Besides that, I will explore the repacking segment in order to increase my profit and revenue as the margin for logistics is getting thinner nowadays with more competitors in the market. It is vital to explore into new segment to protect and expand my business. Currently I have an expansion plan which I hope to create 60 more job opportunities in the coming 5 years period.